Bert Gravendeel, LL M

From a company that needs advice on developing an idea to safeguarding it in an intellectual property position; these are the cases Bert likes to take on.

Bert has been self-employed as a lawyer since 2003. Prior to that he worked at PwC (now Holland van Gijzen) and Landwell Advocaten (now: van Doorne Advocaten). Prior to that he worked as a company lawyer at Baan Investments and VNU World Directories.

He studied law in Leiden (1987), specialising in business law. After that, he further specialised in copyright law and media law at the University of Amsterdam. At a later stage, Bert successfully completed the IT and Telecommunications Law course at the Grotius Academy. Bert can advise worldwide on trademarks and designs, and register them, or have them registered, as well. Bert has been a member of BMM since 2003. (Benelux Association of Trademark and Design Law)

Bert represents clients in IP and ICT cases in a variety of commercial positions and conflicts. ICT-related European Procurement Procedures form a part of this.
+31 (0) 35 622 33 40 / +31 (0) 6 51 43 33 48

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