Fees and costs

Our General Terms and Conditions: these are applicable to our services and published on the website and deposited with the Chamber of Commerce. These refer to an arbitration board in case of disputes about our services. In addition, all lawyers are subject to rules of professional practice they must observe and in respect of which the relevant litigant or lawyer concerned may, in case of non-compliance, lodge a complaint with the Dean of the district where the lawyer is based.

In IP cases (intellectual property law) Article 1019h of the Dutch Code of Civil Procedure may be of importance in respect of infringement cases. Because in IP cases the court may charge the full costs such as those of the lawyer, experts, bailiffs, custodians and the court fees to the party that is unsuccessful or only partly successful. The courts apply a graduated scale (i.e. the IP indication fees; intellectual property process costs order) in their assessment but may deviate from this. The process costs risk is favourable to the successful party, although sometimes not all costs will be compensated. If both parties in the process were required to compromise, the court sometimes dispenses with a cost order so that each party pays only their own costs. It remains uncertain and recent case law of the Supreme Court shows a different trend.

The unsuccessful party bears its own costs and those of the other party. An hourly rate isn't everything. Using an expert is not only quicker but above all better in terms of quality. The hourly rates of Gravendeel Advocaten vary, depending on the case to be heard, from € 180 to 240 per hour excluding turnover tax, including office fees. As is common with many law firms, the aspects to be heard are specified per every six minutes, such as telephone communications, emails received/sent, letters, studying the documents, law & legal literature etc.

Starter arrangement: for start-up entrepreneurs (<2 years) and other talent we apply reduced rates. Inquire about the possibilities.

Legal expenses insurance: if you have effected legal expenses insurance, we recommend that you check the cover under the policy; we can also do this for you. If the policy provides cover (such as for ICT law or intellectual property or contract law), your insurer may not compel you to use only their lawyer. You may choose your own specialist.

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