Information Technology - Definition

Technology, ICT, telecommunications and media dominate the economy or overlap one another. The same applies to legal aspects and regulations. In that respect, we distinguish between ICT law and Internet Law. ICT law usually pertains to purchase (procurement) of technology, hardware and software. Often it involves critical business processes such as resource planning, an HRM package, financial software, outsourcing, sometimes as software as a service (SaaS). The Internet plays a minor role in that. A lawyer with ITC expertise and who is able to negotiate a contract can be of service to you in that respect. The focus is on technology and conclusion of contracts.

Internet Law is different. There, the Internet plays a role as "highway or shopping street" where you meet others. The topics tend to be the method of buying, selling or advertising. Furthermore, issues such as unreliability or fraud play a role in Internet law. It may also involve brand confusion, an illegal ad text (Adwords, misleading competition, comparative advertising), or a hijacked domain. Also, it may relate to hacking your website (for an e-commerce, e-learning, privacy violation).Legal insight is required in order to recover damages or obtain a ban.

Let us advise you on electronic commercial law (e-commerce) or unlawful acts: call us, without obligation. As a user but also as a supplier of ICT products and services, the vast amount of information and numerous contracts can quickly become very complex. What do you want and what should you pay attention to? By providing timely advice during the sales phase or in the event of non-performance, we can often identify potential problems or issues and act on it according to a contract. 

In legal terms, this translates into advising on drafting ICT contracts or modifying them, advising on negotiating, holding a party liable or conducting a due diligence investigation of business critical ICT contracts in case of company acquisitions. A breakdown of negotiations is also a regular occurrence, and sometimes significant claims for damages are involved.

Gravendeel Advocaten has many years of experience in this area; call us, without obligation. We know the law and the risks and look forward to assisting you with our expertise.

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