In the retail sector your image is very important

Whether it is the appearance of your products, your trademark or design, the stylization of your business or the quality of your website and IT systems. They can make or break you. Intellectual Property, i.e. trademarks, designs, trade names and copyrights are crucial.

Once you are successful, your image may have become your weakness. You are perceived as an example or trendsetter, one to be copied by your less innovative or successful competitors. There is always imitation to a certain extent and that is not necessarily illegal, but that is why rules have been established.

You will see this at the industry boards or product boards you may belong to. These partnerships are, for example, engaged in joint promotion or quality management. This always involves legislation. The law is probably not your hobby.

And apart from industry boards and suchlike, the law relating to retail markets may involve your trademark right, design right or copyright or privacy rules in respect of your customers, your franchise contract, or import regulations. With that information and knowledge we can provide you with added value in your market.

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