Broadcasting, media and entertainment

With television and radio, the broadcasting, media and entertainment sectors were actually significantly ahead of the online world.

Now there is an information and communication company that constantly reinvents itself. There is a continuous interweaving with - but also unbundling of - all kinds of media in an ocean of interconnected networks without beginning or end. Your business that is engaged in the development of innovative technology is therefore focused on an ocean of networks and innovation. Regulations on the possibilities for radio and television broadcasts are partly scarce, not only due to regulation on broadcasting time and advertising but also due to restrictions because of available frequencies (air traffic, defence, police, fire department, ambulances, etc.). These restrictions also concern the number of transmission masts to be installed or they are of a hardware or software-related nature. This may be different for radio, TV and computers.

In addition, new possibilities are created by the internet, and in particular by the importance of social media. This also partly applies to media and entertainment. Our national government and the EU establish complicated rules to ensure that the scarce resources are shared fairly and equally, while at the same time promoting innovation and competition between existing and new businesses. In order to develop or maintain your position, seize your opportunities and reduce your risks in a limited domain, you really need to know the rules to identify the opportunities.

We look forward to jointly defining the coordinates for setting a new course.

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