Everyone communicates.

Communication is about the message in the form of text, image and sound, but communication is also about technology and numerous devices and software. The regulations vary widely: this ranges from, for example, the freedom of expression to ether frequencies, transmitters, but may also involve media rights, which in turn is a collective term for copyright, portrait right, trademark and trade name right (reputations), licence contracts, disclaimers/quit claim. Aspects of telecommunications and ICT also affect communication.

Whether you produce, provide services, transport or import, your company will virtually always come into contact with the government's desire to control and regulate the media and thus the communications sector. The outcome is legally complex and sometimes difficult to understand unless you dedicate significant time to this. Obviously, you would prefer to spend that time on your core business.

Communication touches upon many aspects. From expression, your freedom of speech, to receiving information through various equipment. From ether to car stereo, from tablet to Twitter. Reading and understanding these regulations is our job and our expertise. We look forward to helping you with our expertise.

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