E-commerce and the Internet

In fact, the internet is a very big store, an e-commerce ocean. Millions of websites give you unlimited viewing.

The only remaining restriction is the transport of the physical goods to you. You can easily buy shoes from Australia, import clothes from San Francisco or musical equipment from Japan. The world is your market. Anyone can offer or buy it anywhere. You may already have your own electronic shop in the cloud.

But is that enough? Or do any restrictions apply? They do, of course. The legal impact on e-commerce can be complex. You are faced with a wide range of laws from different countries (China, India, USA) or areas such as the EU, WTO, ASEAN or NAFTA. You need to see those laws and regulations as "the weather". There is usually nothing insurmountable, but you need to take it into account.

Present your routing and business case to us and we will check for any legal issues and make sure that pitfalls and risks are understood in order to obtain the best result.

Offline and online law: since the mid-nineties, the internet has led to a wealth of new laws and new case law. The internet has established itself all through society and is important for every user. The internet is no longer a separate virtual world, but interwoven in the "spiritual DNA" of people. On the internet, your company and your competitors must comply with the same rules as in the offline world.

Applying those rules, such as those relating to entering into contracts in a digital environment, requires not only a good understanding of the law, but also a sound understanding of the technology involved. At the same time, the virtual world develops much faster than the real world. Many legislators can hardly keep up with it. Let alone, creating appropriate legislation. That is why sometimes existing, but in fact outdated, legislation must be applied in a defensible way to the current online context. The legislative pace is dictated by online developments, no longer by politics

We are familiar with the relevant areas of law and are interested in the opportunities of internet technology. We look forward to assisting you.

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