Food and beverage

Your goal is for your customers to continue to buy your products every week.

The food and beverage sector is characterised by strong competition and low profit margins. Customers, the regular end consumers, are usually easily manipulated, influenced and misled by advertising. But how do you keep your market share and profit margin, or how can another party damage this in an unfair manner? Not through marketing and pricing alone. High turnover now is not sufficient either.

Market fluctuations are common but a declining sales curve can have several causes. To a large extent, your success may depend on your marketing effort. This was preceded by a design choice (model) for the appearance of your brand product or service. That may be the layout, the colour scheme or the type of packaging. All these were informed choices, including in respect of competing products.

In defining the mission, the vision and the strategy, you cannot ignore the opportunities provided by the legislation relating to advertisingcopyright and trademark law and (European) design rights. Think of it as support, a means, for fair competition.

If you fail to do that, your marketing strategy may be unsuccessful and you run the risk of losing market share rather than increasing it. With our support, you can close a number of pitfalls in advance. But, if necessary, we can also act retrospectively against your competitor who has made half-true, or misleading statements. Incorrect use of comparative advertising may also ruin your marketing campaign.
We look forward to assisting you and your marketing team if such issues exist within your organisation.

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