Inventors and discoverers were sometimes vilified. Nevertheless, sometimes inventions are all-important to economies (Internet) and battles (Trojan Horse). Obviously, technology goes well beyond just information technology.

Technology can be anything and comes from all corners. From mechanical engineering, natural sciences, pharmacy, biology, industrial design, and so forth. We focus on the legal translation of inventions in technology monopolies, such as the ‘patent right’, the 'chip right,' (the alias of the law on semiconductor topographies), the breeders' right, but also on design rights, secret know-how in relation to the competition and unfair competition. Your Intellectual Property, including designs, trademarks, trade names and copyrights, are an essential part of this. It is the basis for your protection.

We are the practical legal designers for the exploitation of your technology. Consider royalty agreements, cooperation agreements on intra-company and inter-company R&D licences, cross licences, know-how licenses, disclaimers, contracts on dependent patents, but also tax-driven agreements on transfer pricing. Besides the core of the technology there is other key IE legislation. For example trademark law, copyright, design and drawing right. But also Civil law against slavish imitation and competition law

We provide assistance in dealing with the legal side of technology. We support your company that aims to acquire and maintain its right to exist through technology and technological progress. Whether you are developing a new solar cell or a new drug, or are engaged in e-commerce or offline retail, the use of technology may be the profit factor in your company.

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